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Children’s vision is not just about seeing clearly. Vision impacts a child’s ability to learn and on their quality of life.

  • At L&K Kids our optometrists understand the complexities of children’s vision.
  • Our optometrists offer care to all ages and are experts in providing friendly, engaging and sensitive vision assessments. In addition to examining a child’s clarity of vision, we carefully assess how the eyes co-ordinate together and how they interact with the brain.
  • We offer behavioural optometry and vision therapy, which is an extension of general optometry, to assess and address learning related vision concerns.

Many children have undetected vision problems so book an appointment with L&K Kids today.

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What happens in a Paediatric eye exam?

  • 01

    Eye health

    We will conduct a through examination of health of the eye.

  • 02

    Sight Clarity

    To ensure your child can see clearly, we check for ametropia, myopia and amblyopia.

  • 03

    Vision Efficiency

    We will conduct comprehensive examination of binocular vision status including eye focusing and eye coordination.

  • 04

    Vision Processing

    Assessment of visual processing skills developed for age for learning to read and write.

Our Practice

Child-friendly practice

Extensive range of kids' frames

Myopia Management

Behavioural Optometry and Vision Therapy

At L&K Kids we cater for our younger patients with a child friendly waiting area and purpose built children’s consulting room. We also stock an extensive range of children’s frames in a variety of sizes, colours, designs and budgets. Our optometrists have undertaken extensive post-graduate training in paediatric vision care. We are experienced in effectively controlling progression of short-sightedness in children. As well as managing lazy eye and turned eye. In addition, we offer vision therapy to equip children with visual abilities needed in the classroom.

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