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Dry eye is the common condition in which the tears cannot provide adequate lubrication for the eye due to poor quality or quantity of tears. This can cause mild irritation to severe pain and can affect vision.

There is a layer of tears that coat the front surface of the eye, known as the tear film. This tear film is made up of three layers including a sticky mucin layer which adheres the tear layer to the eye, an aqueous or water layer, and a lipid or oily layer that stops the tears from evaporating.

If there is any imbalance to these layers, this can cause increased evaporation of the tears and dryness. There are many contributing factors that can influence or cause dry eyes including: Environmental, medication can influence the production of tears, health conditions such as Sjogren’s Syndome, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Rosacea and Hyperthyroidism, anatomical incl. ectropion, pterygium, floppy eye lid syndrome, contact lens wear, hormonal changes, blepharitis and Demodex mite.

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