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Our Technology

Leverett and Kindler is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that if there’s a problem with your eyes we’ll detect it as early as possible. Our technology also means we’ll be able to identify your vision requirements as accurately as possible so that your vision is always as good as it can be.

Our technology includes:

  • Optos Wide Field Retinal Scan - A high-resolution 200° image in order to ascertain the health of your retina. This is much wider than a traditional 45° image and can help detect and monitor eye health conditions which affect the peripheral retina
An Optos Retinal Scan
  • Ocular coherence tomography (OCT) – to detect and monitor eye health conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy or Macular Degeneration through a 3D scan of eye tissues including the retina, optic nerve and anterior segment of the eye.
  • Topography and Dry Eye Testing– to detect and monitor for conditions that affect the cornea as well as to detect dry eye disease. A Topographer can also assist with contact lens fitting by taking a scan of the anterior segment of the eye.
  • Non-contact tonometry iCare – to test intraocular pressure without the need for eye drops.
  • Corneal pachymetry – Part of the testing for glaucoma and other eye health conditions.
  • Gonioscopy – also part of testing for glaucoma and other eye health conditions.

We also use technology to prescribe specialised lenses such as personalised multifocal lenses and to give virtual demonstrations of multifocal technology to our patients.

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