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Ortho K

Top Quality Contact Lenses

We know that no two sets of eyes are made equal, and neither are contact lenses. That’s why we prescribe only the best quality contact lenses and take the time to help you choose and fit the right pair for you. Your highly experienced optometrist will talk you through the differences and ensure you are choosing the best option based on your needs. We’ll also explain best aftercare practices to make sure you are taking the best care of your contact lenses and keeping your eyes at optimal health.

We can fit many types of contact lenses and have experience in specialty designs such as hard contact lenses for eye conditions such as Keratoconus or after having a corneal Graft. We also fit contact lenses to slow myopia progression in children and young adults. Additonally, we can advise on your eligibility for referral for procedures such as laser refractive surgery.

Our Range of Contact Lenses

We stock a broad range of contact lenses ensuring that whatever you need, we’ll have it. Our contact lenses include daily, weekly and fortnightly disposable contact lenses, as well as hard contact lenses and specialty contact lenses.

Healthcare Rebates

Medicare may cover contact lens appointments. However, a fee of $30–$45 may apply if you are not eligible. Contact lenses are also eligible to be claimed on private health insurance, depending on your level of cover. We can claim this in store for you through HICAPS upon collection of your contact lenses.

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